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VLA is a No Place for Hate School

This year, Virtual Learning Academy was named an official No Place for Hate School by the Anti-Defamation League for our commitment to fostering a positive school culture focused on respect and inclusiveness. During the 2024-2025 school year, we will…

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VLA Elementary Students

VLA Elementary students came to Lincoln Education Center to take the DWA and see each other in person!
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Leadership Club

The Leadership Club has been busy planning for activities for students at VLA. The members are:

President: Nanihi Rivera

Vice-President: Sophia Silva

Secretary: Janelle Hernandez

Communications Chair: Priscilla Campos

VIP Member: Zulehima Perez

VLA Principal's Message

VLA Principal's Message

On behalf of the entire staff of the Virtual Learning Academy, I welcome you to our online learning program. This year the Virtual Learning Academy is a combined elementary and secondary program that serves students in grade four through grade twelve. Students enrolled in any GGUSD school are welcome to apply for enrollment in our program.

GGUSD's Virtual Learning Academy is an Independent Study program. As an Independent Study program, our goal is to ensure that students enrolled in our program are provided a flexible, interactive and personalized education that supports academic and life-long success.
Students in fourth through sixth grade experience daily, synchronous instruction in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, and physical education. Students are also provided lessons that support art, music, technology, and socioemotional well-being.

Students in grades seven through twelve access instruction using a robust online curriculum program that includes all courses required for high school graduation. High school students are enrolled in A-G courses and electives that ensure they will be college and career ready. Students in our secondary program participate in weekly synchronous lessons focused on socioemotional well-being, mindfulness and self-regulatory skills.

To further support students’ personal skills and build social connections, we provide opportunities for students to participate in virtual field trips, VLA club activities, spirit assemblies, and virtual award ceremonies. Students are also welcome to come to our campus for in person tutoring and other activities. We also hold events for the entire family such as family fun nights and parent education opportunities.

We look forward to working alongside our families in educating students to become life-long learners for the 21st century. We appreciate the support and interest of our entire community with ensuring our students have a positive school experience as they work to achieve academic, social, and life-long success.

Phoenix Pride!


Ruth Gómez Dietze