A student enrolled in the Virtual Learning Academy will:

  • Access courses 24/7, from any computer connected to the Internet; many courses are optimized for mobile devices, including
  • Work closely with supportive, GGUSD teachers who are committed to building strong relationships with both students and parents/guardians.
  • Have access to core courses in grades TK-6 in ELA, Math, Social Studies and Science, and enrichment courses like P.E. and
  • Have access to curriculum in grades 7-12 including core courses, electives, career and technical education, and advanced
  • Participate in engaging activities designed to meet the needs of all learners, including videos, audio content, and problem-based interactive
  • Stay on track with pacing and progress-monitoring tools.
  • Remain part of the school community, including participation in activities and athletics open to any GGUSD student, if applicable.

Parents/Guardians are critical in their child's educational success in GGUSD's VLA.

Parents and Guardians of students enrolled in the VLA will:

  • Spend time guiding learning for their student ( *approximation of time each day).
    • ELA – 1 ½-2 hours*
    • Math – 45-60 minutes*
    • Social Science – 30 minutes*
    • Science – 30 minutes*
    • Electives – 30-60 minutes*
    • TK-2 nd grades: Parents spend 3-4 daily hours
    • 3 rd -12 th grades: Time commitment varies, but parent/guardian support is